Fall Foliage in Vermont
Vermont's Breathtaking Fall Colors

SouthernVermont Fall Foliage 2016

Fall Foliage in Vermont is a special time of the year.

During the early part of September, the shorter days and lower temperatures signal the trees to prepare for winter. After a long sunny summer the trees reward Vermonters and visitors alike with a breathtaking burst of colors.

Southern Vermont's spectacular fall foliage is due to the abundance of Maple Trees - The versatile Sugar Maple not only gives us sap (for Vermont's famous Maple Syrup) in the Spring, but along with the Red Maples produce the outstanding red and orange fall colors. Beech, Elm, Ash and Yellow Birch add to the colorful fall display.

During the shorter Autumn days, the trees stop producing chlorophyll. Without the green chlorophyll, the yellows, reds and orange colors are revealed. These Foliage colors are always present in the leaves and only appear as the trees become dormant for the Winter.

The leaf colors, brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red begin to appear at the higher elevations (Stratton Mountain, Mt Equinox, Mount Snow, Bromley) around mid September and continue changing through October. The Three Mountain Inn located within Southern Vermont's numerous elevation grades and right on Vermont Scenic Route 100 will allow you to observe the stunning Vermont fall colors.

Stay in our Southern Vermont Inn; whether you hike the Jamaica State Park, drive through Southern Vermont's Scenic Route 100 and other mountain back roads or enjoy Stratton Mountain's gondola ride you will be astonished at the awesome scenery of the Fall Foliage in Vermont.      

Stay with us for you Vermont fall getaway!