As with everyone else in the world, 2020 and 2021 had life altering moments. Dealing with the unknown, misinformation, mandates and the terrifying global event. We were lucky living in Vermont, our Governor did a great job communicating the facts, directed an incredible vaccination effort and made tough decisions.

For the tourism industry, some of the Governor's decisions were economically devastating. A few of our inn keeping friends lost their business and homes.​ We were lucky, thankfully we have survived – wounded and 20 pounds heavier, but still here with a new outlook on life, business and of course a bigger mortgage payment!

We recognize that some of our guest will need to adjust to our changes, but after this unpresented, zoom filled, new normal, socially distanced crazy ass year, we hope you understand and still visit us and Southern Vermont.

What will be new or different at the Inn:
* We have reduce our rates to reflect our modified services.
* We still have breathtaking views and plenty of peace and quiet.
* We are maintaining the self-check-in process.
* Most of the decorative items have been removed from the rooms.
* The rooms will continue to be spotlessly clean and sanitized with hospital grade sanitizer.
* For your safety as well as our staff, daily housekeeping will not be provided.
* For your convenience, there is a Keurig Coffee machine and refrigerator in each room.
* Our common rooms are closed, so breakfast and dinner are no longer available.

We have opened a small Tavern on Friday and Saturday nights offering Beer, Wine and a small menu. 

As always, we live on property, so we will still be here to greet you and chat.

If you would like more information or have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call us 802-874-4140.

We are looking forward to your visit.


​Ed and Jennifer

Three Mountain Inn

POST ​COVID-19 Changes at the Inn: