A short drive from the Three Mountain Inn, near Manchester, Vermont is Lye Brook Falls; this impressive 150 foot (some say it's less) waterfall is well worth the 2 mile hike through the Lye Brook Wilderness Area. 
Crossing a couple of small streams the trail gains about 750 feet in altitude and is the most strenuous hike of the three waterfalls. During the dry summer months the Lye Brook's water level dwindles and the water cascading is minimal, however it is still impressive. 

With the low water you can observe how the bedrock has been cut into hundreds of small steps that make it such a unique and scenic site. 

One of the best reasons to visit Southern Vermont is the abundance of natural beauty. Southern Vermont is teeming with hiking trails, lakes and waterfalls. Jamaica is proud to host two of Vermont's best waterfalls; each has impressive features and provides a unique experience.

Whether you are an experience hiker or you think the walk to your mailbox is a far distance, you will enjoy each of the trails and waterfalls. 

You will be rewarded with the superb scenery; fabulous views, amazing tree stands, incredible rock formations and meandering brooks. 

At the end of the three mile trail in the Jamaica State Park, you will be delighted to reach Hamilton Falls.  

‚ÄčOne of the most beautiful water falls in the State of Vermont. 

For centuries the Cobb Brook has quietly carved the massive slate, slicing the rock, creating three large pools while dropping 125 feet. 

The largest drop is 80 feet. On some days the waterfall seems like a trickle, you'll wonder how so little water could have cut into the rock; if you hike to the falls after a rain storm, you'll understand. 
At the base of Hamilton Falls, is a large swimming hole, feel free to swim or stick your feet, the water is pristine and very cold. 

With these majestic waterfalls, countless miles of trails and incredible scenery, isn't it time to visit Jamaica, Vermont!? 

Hamilton Falls

Three Mountain Inn

Southern Vermont Waterfalls
                                Hamilton Falls, Pike Falls and Lye Brook Falls

‚ÄčAlso located in Jamaica, is Pikes Falls, a local favorite swimming hole and falls. Situated just a short distance from the road, it is the easiest of Jamaica's waterfalls to access. 

While Pikes Fall only drops 20 feet, the falls always running strong have created a large but yet shallow swimming hole.

Pikes Falls
Lye Brook Falls